Chocolate cupcakes

So after making the molten cakes, Michelle and I tried out hand at cupcakes for my Sunday School class. Our first batch was an absolute disaster. I don’t know what happened, but they completely overflowed and then sunk. They resembled chocolate bowls. I tried to salvage them, but my efforts were fruitless. So in the end, we had about 30 cupcakes get eaten up by the garbage can.

The second batch was much better, probably due to a new recipe. I just used the basic chocolate butter cake recipe from The Cake Bible. They were not as chocolaty as I would have liked, but still very light and airy. I bought a new icing tip the other day, so I experimented trying to make perfect iced cupcakes. I still need to practice, but it was a start. I am still in search for the perfect cupcake recipe, because although the second batch turned out good, they still did not have the perfect chocolate cupcake taste. Needless to say, the kids at Sunday School gobbled them up and were asking for seconds before they had even finished their first.

First disastrous batch…

The second batch was much better…



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