I haven’t updated in ages, even though I’ve been baking up a storm. Every time I bake some goodies, I either can’t find my camera, or the battery is dead, or I can’t find my chord. But now I have a new charger and am committed to updating more.

Anyway, arrived in New York City yesterday for my cousins bat-mitzvah on Saturday. Let me say, IT’S FREEZING HERE! I brought my winter coat and lots of legging. My mission has been to go to all sorts of cupcake shops while I’m here, and I was successful with the start of my mission this morning.

I started by heading downtown to Cupcake Cafe on West 18th. It was connected to this very cute little kid book store and had a very laid back feel.

I ordered a small chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing. Let me tell you that this was some of the best icing I have ever had in my life. So light, felt like I was chewing through air, not all thick like I’m used too. the cupcake itself was good. Not sweet enough for my tastes, but it was a god thing I got a small, because I’m sure the large would have been far too much for me.

Next, I walked around NYU for awhile, and I’ve assessed that this is the only place I can imagine myself in college, so I really hope I get in. After walking around awhile, I saw Max Brenners, which is my favorite chocolate restaurant from Israel. Had my 16th birthday there. So good.

I took the subway to Times Square at 42nd street and the WALKED all the way to 72nd. Was quite proud of myself. First I made a stop at the now infamous Magnolia’s bakery on 69th. The inside was quite cute. All pink and white. Lots of cupcakes and cakes and cookies. I bought to cupcakes and rushed them home, because my hips were killing my from walking and it was so cold.

So after hearing everything about these cupcakes, I was hoping to take a bite into heaven. I started with the vanilla cupcake with classic vanilla buttercream frosting. The frosting was very thick, and you could taste the sugar just a little too much. The cupcake itself was nothing all the special.

Just a vanilla cake. I was rather unimpressed. I ventured onto the chocolate one with higher expectations and the frosting led me to believe I was about to devour a delicious cupcake. It was light and chocolatey, but not to thick. Simply delicious. But once I had taken a bite out of the cake itself, it all went downhill. It was so thick and dense, I was barely able to finish it. Not very sweet and I was required to get a large glass of milk just to swallow what was already in my mouth all.

All in all, I would have to say I was quite disappointed with Magnolia’s, although I might go back to try some other flavors. Cupcake Cafe was great – would love to get the recipe for their frosting and tomorrow I shall review Buttercup Bake Shop.