Chocolate Pinwheels

So on Monday we are having a cookie exchange in my knitting club. This has just about been about the highlight of my month – cookies and knitting all wrapped up together in one lunch hour. I decided to make chocolate pinwheels, because they always look so incredibly complicated and my dad really likes them. They turned out to be quite easy to make, although my chocolate dough and vanilla dough weren’t exactly the same size when rolled out so I had to do some clever rolling and cutting to get everything lined up together. My dad liked them so much, that HE TOOK THEM ALL TO SCHOOL! Leaving my with none for my cookie exchange. Thankfully we had some premade dough in the fridge, so sadly I had to bring those to the exchange – no where near as good as the pinwheels. My step-mom loved them and said I am going to have to make some for her co-workers.


One thought on “Chocolate Pinwheels


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