Chanukah Cake!!!

So I recently took the level 1 cake decorating class at AC Moore. I’d been dying to take this class for ages, but it always seemed to land on a day when I couldn’t do it, or my dad simply said I had too much homework. But now that I’m in college, homework has taken a backburner 😉 Anyway, this class worked out and after 4 weeks this was my culminating cake. The last class landed in the middle of Chanukah, so I decided to make a themed cake. The cake was just the basic chocolate cake off the back of the Hershey’s can, which I must say is just delicious, and buttercream that I made but didn’t work very well. It was so thick, but thankfully I brought along a can of store bought fluffy white in case of an emergency like that. So although not all the icing was homemade, it still turned out beautifully. Even my step-sister, who is allergic to gluten, had to try some and she said it was delicious. I’m hopefully going to go back soon and take the level 2 class, but until then, I’ll just have to keep honing my basic skills that I have learned so far.


Some of the yummy latka’s I made for my Chanukah feast!

First night



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