Long Time No Bake

So I haven’t updated in ages and ages and ages. I’m sorry. But I like to think I have a good excuse – I MOVED TO NEW YORK CITY!! Currently I’m living on the Upper West Side at my uncles apartment while working at Godiva in Grand Central Station. Needless to say, I haven’t baked that much recently, although I have been to many many cupcake shops. After I move into my dorm next week – YAYAY – I’m hoping that I will be able to bake more. I have a kitchen in my dorm and it would appear that many of my suite mates – there are 5 more – enjoy baking and cooking too. So right now, I’m just going to put up some pictures of my baking and cooking expeditions from this past summer.

Dad’s birthday cake
Vanilla oreo cookies with pink frosting (it was going to raspberry, but that didn’t work out so well)

Super puffy homemade oreos.

Butter Lane cupcakes – my new favorite shop in NYC.

Cupcake display at Whole Foods on Houston.

Cupcake from Sweet Revenge on Carmine Street right above Houston.

Crumbs mint chip cupcake.

Grilled Salmon I made for dinner and burned my hand while making – still delicious though.

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