An American Experience

A few nights ago, my roommate and I discovered something a magical – a store within our dorm that accepts dining dollars!! What does this mean, you might ask? Well basically, dining dollars is money that is paid by the powers above (i.e. our parents) so when spending it, it’s not technically “your money.” So within this lovely little convenience store, they sell a plethora of goods – candy, drinks, sudafed, and KRAFT Mac and Cheese. Now if you venture into our kitchen you will see a list of rather American looking foods on our fridge – frozen yogurt, grilled cheese, twinkies, mac & cheese – all foods that our dear Charlotte has yet to try, given her status as an expatriated French women. Well anyway, upon seeing the Mac & Cheese downstairs, I pounced and bought it (well Charlotte technically used her dining dollars because I had left my ID upstairs) and proclaimed we would be having a fine Americanized lunch of mac & cheese the following day.

As I prepared the lunch the following day – Charlotte was too afraid to do it by herself even though I was 30 minutes late arriving home – her first words upon seeing the very orange packet of cheesey stuff was, “That is not cheese.” I had to agree, but then again, this is Kraft, and this is America where nothing is what it seems. All I can say is, not matter what the substance was that was added to the macaroni, it was quite delicious. Charlotte seemed to agree and upon completion of her very first bowl of American Mac & Cheese she said “It was very good.” Now will we be making it again? Probably, but more so because mac & cheese is quite inexpensive, and after all, we are hungry/poor college students. šŸ™‚


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