Bake Off

This past week in my dorm was “Tower Wars.” I live in a dorm with 3 different towers and 900 kids. It’s HUGE!! Anyway, they had competitions all throughout the week between the towers and one of the last events was a bake off. The moment I saw it advertised, I knew I had to sign up. I quickly realized that the date it was – Thursday night – happened to be the same night I attend a Jewish Learning class and I was going to see a comedy show that same evening. (Aziz Ansari – funniest person ever, check him out.) Anyway, I devised a plan in which I would bake and Charlotte, the best roommate ever, would present them for me. This all checked out and I went about devising a plan for what I would make.


I was pretty set on making coconut macaroons, something I have made many time before and know to be a reliably good cookie. Little did I know though, on Wednesday around 11 PM they informed us that there would a secret ingredient – raspberry. I went into a tizzy. I had a huge paper to write that evening and had no time to think about how to incorporate raspberry into my macaroons. Of course, this was far more important than my paper and I therefore pow-wowed with my suite mates to come up with a plan. Charlotte had the marvel idea of making a coulis – a type of syrup – to drizzle over the macaroons. I was hesitant, but given how little time I was going to have to make them the following day, I decided this was the only option.


The macaroons themselves turned out great. Of course, I always fail at melting chocolate correctly – ironic since my job at Godiva consists of me dipping about 100 chocolate covered strawberries a day – so I had to smear it on more then really dip them, but I wasn’t too worried about how they looked. With all the elements made – macaroons, chocolate, raspberry coulis – I was very concerned that they were not all going to go together, but I left everything on the table, went to class, and let Charlotte decide how she wanted to present it.

When I came home, I was very nervous, but when I opened the door, they had written “YOU WON” on the huge whiteboard we have. Honestly, I was shocked because I didn’t think I had used the raspberry very well as a secret ingredient, but that’s all a thing of the past now. Supposedly because I won, they are going to make the macaroons for anyone in the dining hall to eat, although I have no idea when. I hope I didn’t miss it. It was all very exciting and I can’t wait to enter another bake off soon 🙂


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