Sugar Sweet Sunshine

On Sunday afternoon, my roommate, another suite-mate and I decided to venture out into dreary New York City on a little adventure that would finally take us out of the dorm room after being tucked inside all day. Even in the first weekend back at school, I had loads of homework, but was luckily able to finish almost all of it by Sunday afternoon. Anyway, recently I found an article in TimeOut magazine that has a map of all the cupcake shops that are worth trying in NYC. Now, I like to think that I know quite of few of these shops already and have frequented many of them myself, but I thought it would be fun to take the map and try to cross of as many of the shops as possible that I’ve been to. Here is an account of our first stop…

So Sunday afternoon the three of us made our way to Sugar Sweet Sunshine down on the Lower East Side. Ironically enough, as we made our way past Houston and into Soho, we commented on how close this section of town actually is to our dorm, but how rarely we even walk the few blocks down there. It really is a whole different world. Cobblestone streets, cute little shops, many more things in Chinese (as you make your way towards China Town), and just an entirely different ambiance than the East Village. I’ve decided that I really must go down there more often, given how incredibly close it actually is.

From my impression of the website, I expected some pink and flower filled little shop playing classical music while serving cupcakes and tea. This was not the case, but what I saw was so much better. With mismatched wallpaper across the walls, vintage cushions and chairs, polaroids across the wall, exposed kitchen, and hand written signs, Sugar Sweet Sunshine is the kind of bakery I would want to go and hang out at any day. Although it was a little crowded and the line flow was not the most practical set up, it was still a fantastic looking place. It all came together with bakery thongs that they were selling next to the register.

On to the cupcakes! Between the three of us, we shared two classic (white cake, white frosting) and one red velvet. I would rate these as some of the better cupcakes I have had in NYC. Not only were they super cheap – 1.50 – by New York standard, but they had the perfect texture and taste. The frosting was deliciously buttery and the red velvet had some flavor in it that I still can’t put my finger on, but was absolutely mouthwatering. I gobbled my halves up in all of two minutes, because they were just so GOOD! As we sat at our table, we noticed that they also sold tiramisu in a cup. They had big bowls of tiramisu and would take a big spatula and put a whole hunking heapful into a cup for your enjoyment. I will have to try that the next time I go, which I’m hoping is very soon 🙂

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