Sweet Revenge

Now I like to think that I’ve tried my fair amount of cupcakes in my time here in New York City, and I’ve even had one from Sweet Revenge before, but something about the cupcake I had there on Friday night was just OUT OF THIS WORLD! My roommate and I had just been to this a small show down in the West Village and we decided upon Sweet Revenge since it was only a few blocks away. For those of you who have not been in New York City the past few days, let me just say that it has been very cold as of late, and Friday night was no exception. It was honestly one of the coldest nights I can recall in recent history. I’d say it was hovering around 5 degrees because of the wind chill. Anyway, enough about the weather. As we entered into Sweet Revenge after our mad dash from outside, we were struck with how sophisticated yet cute it was. With only a about 6 tables, an exposed metal bar, and a small selection of cupcakes, Sweet Revenge is definietly not your childhood bake shop.

I started with a Fleur de Sel cupcake and my roommate had a Dirty – which was basically all ridiculously dark chocolate. Both of them had a dark chocolate cake which was so moist and delicious, they tasted like they’d just been baked even though it was 10 o’clock at night. I find that often times the cake of cupcakes itself can tend to be a little dry, but this cake was on a whole different level. It was an actual mini cake, instead of a cupcake trying to impersonate a cake. The frosting on mine was a mix of caramel, butter, and the slightest hint of the most delicious salt. As I got to the center, an oozing ball of caramel drizzled down from the inside of the chocolate cake. It was outstanding. The Dirty cupcake has the same cake component, but a dark, rich, and creamy icing that was out of this world. If you are a fan of dark chocolate, this is the one for you. Often times, chocolate icing can become overwhelmed with the taste of butter, but this was all chocolate. It was liking biting into a piece of fudge on top of the most amazing cake ever. On the menu, it even had wine and beer pairings to go with all the different cupcakes they had. I’d say this would be the perfect place to go on a first date 🙂

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty successful trip to the West Village. We saw a very funny play and were treated to the most amazing cupcakes. As we exited the shop, I’d say it was once again about 5 degrees outside and we ended up taking a taxi back to the East Village because it was just SO cold. I’m sure that the next time I find myself on that side of town, I will also be finding myself at the bar of Sweet Revenge.


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