Thanksgiving Part I

Sadly, Thanksgiving weekend has come to a close. I had the most amazing weekend upstate with my family and friends. We made so much food, ate so much food, played loads Taboo, went to a spinning class Thanksgiving morning to not feel quite as guilty that night ;-), walked in the woods and just had an all-around amazing time.

Here is just a peak at some of the baking adventures that went on. I’ll be sure to get the rest of soon, but now I must go do some homework that I have neglected all weekend.




3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Part I

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Maya! Wow, the kids said your desserts were amazing and I got to taste that choc ice-cream you made and it was awesome. Hope all is well and am really looking forward to seeing you for Hannukah. Xoxox Auntie Kim

  2. Charlotte – that would be life fulfilling, especially if an ice cream machine was involved.

    Auntie Kim – thanks so much! can’t wait to see you 🙂


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