Hello Paris!

Hi all! I have been awful about not updating my little old baking blog this fall. It’s not that I didn’t bake, it’s just that I never go around to writing new posts. But don’t you worry, the blog is back and I promise will be better than ever! Only now, in addition to baking, it shall have some Paris adventures too, which I’m hoping will include lots of food, as I’ve heard the food here in France isn’t too bad ūüėČ

As you may or may not know, I’m a Global Liberal Studies student at NYU. What makes this different than any other liberal studies program you might ask? Well, there is a requirement to spend your junior year abroad. Because of my cancer and subsequent chemo treatments, I was unable to study abroad in the fall. As my doctor so¬†eloquently¬†put it “You can’t just up and leave!” But now, 3 months out of treatment, I have made my way to lovely Paris for spring semester and hopefully will stay next summer as well to make up for the time I wasn’t here in the fall. Having studied French since I was 5 years old, it seems that my whole life has basically been building up to this moment of being fully immersed in French language and culture for an extended period of time.

I arrived this morning after a very uneventful trip from NYC. In a way I was hoping some big to-do would happen at the airport so I would have a good story to tell. I guess the most exciting part might have been at Newark, where the check-in woman at Continental was so nice and didn’t mind at all that my bag was overweight. This whole week I have been freaking out about how I was going to get my bags at or under 50 pounds and luckily, it was not a problem. ¬†My flight arrived on time at Charles de Gualle, my bags came right out, ¬†I made my way to the train, which took me into Paris, where I got a cab, and now here I am the apartment of the brother of my best friend. Easy as pie!

I’ve been doing my best to stay awake so I can get onto a France sleeping schedule ASAP. After taking a brief nap, I took a stroll around the¬†neighborhood,¬†up to¬†Sacre Coeur and Mont Martre where I walked around a lovely little holiday market and ¬†had the pleasure of hearing someone sing Backstreet Boys¬†acoustically¬†to a crowd of eager onlookers.¬†Definitely¬†I highlight so far ūüėČ Shockingly, I didn’t get anything to eat today, as my stomach is still needing to settle after all the airport food and flying, but I certainly saw a lot of things that I’d like to eat!!!!

Another day of¬†acclimating myself to Paris tomorrow and then off to Marseilles on Thursday! After not eating much today, I’m already planning my mode of attack for tomorrow to fill my stomach as much as I possibly can! We will see how well that works out ūüėČ


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