A walkabout in Aix-en-Provence

Yesterday, we took a car ride north to spend the day in Aix-en-Provence. Having never travelled at all in the south of France, I was excited to get to see some of the other cities in this region besides Marseille. Charlotte’s mom used to live in Aix when she was a student, so she knew exactly where to go in the town and even showed us where her old school was.

The flea market: Picking out some records: 

Frame anyone? We walked through a wonderful little flea market where we couldn’t help but pick up a few trinkets and then spent some lovely hours wandering up and down the streets and alleys of Aix. Similar to the old parts of Marseille, it was quintessentially French. Cobblestone streets, little cafes and brasseries on every corner and beautiful fountains that dot the entire town, as Aix is often called the city of fountains.

Street wandering: 

Fountain 1: Fountain 2: Fountain 3: 

Aix is definitely a lot more commercial than Marseille, with a lot more stores and general sense that tourism is a big to do. Most stores have signs in French and English and I heard more English on the street than my entire week in Marseille. I can only imagine what it’s like in the summer when it’s warm and all the galleries are open.

Never too far away from some bread:

More street wandering: 
One of the main drags: 

Entrance to an old cathedral: As usual, the food never ceases to amaze me here. At the market in Aix, there were mounds and mounds of delicious fruits – especially oranges – and one vendor giving out samples of homemade olive oil and breads. I can’t wait to do more shopping at local markets when I get back to Paris!

Yummy fruit: 

Olives and spreads: 



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