Sugarplum Cake Shop

I know what you’re saying, why on earth would I ever want to go to an American style bakery when I’m in Paris and delicious French pastries and sweets can be found at every corner shop? Well, for one, David Lebovitz said it was good, and anything he says must be true 😉 Second, while I was in Marseille, Charlotte kept telling me that having a bakery in France with all the cookies and things I like to make, such as snickerdoodles and pumpkin cake, would be something out of the ordinary in France, so I had to go check Sugarplum out.

On a side note, the street numbers in Paris are so confusing. I’m walking down the street with the numbers going up and I notice that number 63, where the bakery is supposed to be, but it is not there. Hmmm… I say to myself. I kept walking and good thing I did as for some reason, 63 was two blocks past 61 and 65 on the other side of the street. HOW CONFUSING! Anyway…

Inside is cute and similar to many bakeries back in NYC that I like so frequent, such as Cupcake Cafe and Butterlane. They have miss-matched chairs, a huge chalkboard with the extensive coffee and tea menu and a lovely counter full of all sorts of traditional American treats. They had cupcakes and scones, a huge tray of rice krispies and towering cakes that are reminiscent of the cakes from BAKED in Brooklyn. 

I was so happy to be able to sit down a write for awhile while enjoying my oreo cupcake and espresso. I still haven’t quite gotten down the whole coffee ordering thing yet. I really need to remember that I like cafe au lait here, not just straight espresso. Whoops! In my usual snooty cupcake ways, I thought the cake itself was a little dry, but the frosting was delicious. And they use mini jars for their drinks – my favorite! My bakery will absolutely have mason jars for drinks and miss-matched plates and silverware for all the cookies and other things I decide to make. I will definitely come back to try the rice krispies – one of my favorite treats.

And I found this little treasure on my way out…

Sugarplum Cake Shop
68, rue du Cardinal Lemoine (5th)
Tél: 01 46 34 07 43

1 thought on “Sugarplum Cake Shop

  1. I love hearing about your adventures and I’m following you around Paris in my mind. So happy you’re settling in and Christmas with Charlotte’s family sounded wonderful. Sending you lots of love! Auntie Kim


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