Chanukah Cake!!!

So I recently took the level 1 cake decorating class at AC Moore. I’d been dying to take this class for ages, but it always seemed to land on a day when I couldn’t do it, or my dad simply said I had too much homework. But now that I’m in college, homework has taken a backburner 😉 Anyway, this class worked out and after 4 weeks this was my culminating cake. The last class landed in the middle of Chanukah, so I decided to make a themed cake. The cake was just the basic chocolate cake off the back of the Hershey’s can, which I must say is just delicious, and buttercream that I made but didn’t work very well. It was so thick, but thankfully I brought along a can of store bought fluffy white in case of an emergency like that. So although not all the icing was homemade, it still turned out beautifully. Even my step-sister, who is allergic to gluten, had to try some and she said it was delicious. I’m hopefully going to go back soon and take the level 2 class, but until then, I’ll just have to keep honing my basic skills that I have learned so far.


Some of the yummy latka’s I made for my Chanukah feast!

First night

Chocolate Pinwheels

So on Monday we are having a cookie exchange in my knitting club. This has just about been about the highlight of my month – cookies and knitting all wrapped up together in one lunch hour. I decided to make chocolate pinwheels, because they always look so incredibly complicated and my dad really likes them. They turned out to be quite easy to make, although my chocolate dough and vanilla dough weren’t exactly the same size when rolled out so I had to do some clever rolling and cutting to get everything lined up together. My dad liked them so much, that HE TOOK THEM ALL TO SCHOOL! Leaving my with none for my cookie exchange. Thankfully we had some premade dough in the fridge, so sadly I had to bring those to the exchange – no where near as good as the pinwheels. My step-mom loved them and said I am going to have to make some for her co-workers.